A Simple Guide to Paints When Decorating Your House

Planning to hire a house painter in Gold Coast? There are lots of decisions that your painter will have to make in order to achieve a top quality finish but there are some decisions that you will have to make such as the right paint color for each of the rooms as well as the kind of finishes that you wish to have.

Painter in Gold Coast

There have been lots of technological developments in the paint industry over the recent years. Unlike in the past, modern paints are now a lot safer to use and are also quite durable. The old solvent-based paints which posed some risks are increasingly being replaced by top quality water-based acrylic paints.

Modern paints which are available in the market are high-performance paints.  They are almost free of any odors, free of lead and have lower levels of the toxic chemicals.  They are not just better for the environment but provide a healthier living environment for everyone. Paints can be used in decorating wide-ranging surfaces such as melamine, walls or even ceramic tiles.

There are paints that may require specialist formulation by a painter in Gold Coast but many paints do not require any specialist formulation of any kind. There are great makeover paints that do not even require a primer such as those used in painting the cabinets. The Australian market also has multi-surface paints which can be used virtually anywhere whether on woodwork, metallic surfaces or concrete.

There are paints which are more suitable for the bathrooms and kitchens and others which are better suited for bedrooms, living rooms, the outdoors and other surfaces and spaces. For example, in the kitchens and bathrooms which have lots of moisture, your house painter in Gold Coast will use paints that have mildew-resistant coverings in order to protect the surface for a longer duration of time. The market also has specialist paints that can have a vast array of very exciting finishes such as metallic, suede effect, patterns, or even a high-sheen lacquer in the paintwork.

Water-Based Paints

Also called the emulsion paints, these have always been used in the house interior walls along with ceilings. In the recent years, there have been advances in the paint technology and it is now possible to achieve very high-performance water-based paints that can be used in very diverse surfaces including the exteriors which were traditionally a preserve of the oil-based paints. The water-based paints are generally cleaner, environmentally friendly and have less odor.

Oil-Based Paints

These are also called the solvent-based paints. They are very tough and durable paints. The brushes generally need to be cleaned using turpentine after applying these paints. In the recent years, technological advancements have led to the new generation high-performance water-based paints that can also be used as viable alternatives for the oil-based or solvent-based paints.

Paint Make-Up and Quality

Paints which are made with more pigments generally have better quality but they will also be more expensive. If the paint has anywhere from 30% to 45% of binders and pigments in its volume, then you can be sure that they will be highly durable. There are also eco-paints which are currently in the market and which  offer more advantages such as less odor and environmentally sustainable quality. Discuss the range of paints with your house painter in Gold Coast in order to determine what is most suitable for your house. http://www.centralcoastcoatings.com.au/.

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