Great Examples Of Team Building Activities

Getting people to work along isn’t very easy. Human resources are well aware of the fact that each employee has a different background. This difference can make it hard for each other to understand their problems and challenges. To ensure that the employees come together to work like clockwork for the organization, human resources plan out team building challenges.

Team building activities are planned carefully by human resources or professional consultants to help in this endeavor. There are various activities that they can do. Some of these are gathered here in this course of writing.

Playing organized sports

It is common for workplaces to hold organized sporting competitions among employees. These can include football, volleyball and many others that require them to be in teams. Some workplaces tend to book local sporting facilities and stage a proper game between departments. Here they arrange even team uniforms to get whole feeling of a competitive sport. Winning teams are given awards and prizes. Apart from having organized sports, some organizations also invite the families of the employees to a fun fair on the sidelines with games and food.

Back to Back

 One key pillar of team building is communication. Employees that are frequently communicating with each other happen to be more engaged with each other. Therefore a good team building activity is “back to back”. Here employees will be first divided into pairs and made to sit back to back. Then one will be given a piece of paper and pen while the other one will be asked to share instructions on drawing something. These can be triangles, squares or even a circle. Once they are done, evaluate how they have done and what lessons they can take from it.

Problem solving

Employees everyday have to work together to solve problems and challenges. This is where teamwork matters most. Among different team building challenges, one that specifically caters to this is problem solving. This activity involves real life simulations for employees to solve. Here employees will be divided into groups. Each group will have its own leader and they will be given different problems to solve. Time will be allotted. Once the time finishes up, every group will present its solutions and they will be open to discussion. Teams that were unable to come up with a solution on time will be asked as to why they failed. The reasons that are highlighted will be used to showcase the importance of teamwork.

Team building challenges should be conducted regularly. They help teach employees the value of working together as a team. You should know that organizations that have higher frequency of trainings and team building activities tend to enjoy higher productivities and low turnover rates.

There are numerous websites and online resources available to you where you can find great ideas for activities that you can add into your training program. Just remember to consider your audience so that the training you create is relatable and engaging for all the participants.

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