Holidaying in Seal Rocks will always be memorable

Situated in the mid north coast regions of New South Wales, almost 171 miles north of north-east of Sydney, Seal Rocks is a small coastal settlement in Great Lakes Council Local Government area. There was a time when hundreds and thousands of famous Australian fur seals were found taking rest and breeding on the rocky beach near the Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse, from which the Seal Rock got its name. Though such seals no longer come here to breed, the picturesque place has become a favourite destination for short holidays and surfing in the wide waves of Pacific Ocean. For holiday accommodation Seal Rocks market offers to the travellers, one can find many options. Seal Rocks has some splendid addresses, and staying in these places means a peaceful and cosy holiday amid natural tranquillity.

Apart from natural serenity of great Pacific Ocean and stunning rainforest, Seal Rocks is famous for its historic Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse, which was built in 1875 and was active until 1990. Also, here the tourists get clear bays for fishing, swimming, snorkelling, and boating. Some even like to dive from shipwrecks and grey nurse habitats.

Types of accommodations available:

Seal Rocks is not like any other tourist destination on the shore of Pacific Ocean. The place is not at all commercialized. Visitors can’t find large hotel or resorts to spend luxurious holidays. Population of the fishing village is just near two hundred, who mostly depend on fishing and tourism. Furthermore, one can easily find a cosy holiday accommodation in Seal Rocks; some of them available are listed below:

·        Houses in Seal Rocks – Most beach houses in Seal Rocks area are available between 500m to 2Km of the beach area. A few beach houses are also available further away from the main beach. Most of these houses are well accommodated with all modern amenities with accommodation capacities up to 5 to 10 adult members. Rooms are airy and designed to get a view of natural serenity from anywhere. In any of the holiday accommodation Seal Rocks market has, visitors get separate drawing room, bedroom,  bathroom and well equipped kitchen. Guests are given ironing facility, cloth drier and washing machine. Kitchen is fitted with dishwasher, gas oven and utensils to cook for a family comfortably. Open fire place and room heater makes winter nights very comfortable.

·        Cottage in Seal Rocks – A few cottages with all modern facilities are available near the main beach area in Seal Rocks.  Renovated in stylish yet simple beach architecture, tourists just prefer to stay in these light and airy cottages. Polished wooden floors throughout, combustion heater for winter days, spacious dining rooms inside and private open air balcony from where the stunning rainforest could be viewed and photographed are some mention-worthy features of any of these cottages. Large bedrooms, Queen Bedrooms, modern bathrooms with the family sleeping retreats are other features of these cottages. Gourmet kitchen with utensils, Gas Ovens and dishwasher are equipped for comfortable cooking during holidays. This type of Seal Rocks holiday accommodation is just perfect for holidaying with family and friends. Check out Blueys Retreat

Taking a holiday with family, friends and colleagues availing any of the splendid holiday accommodation Seal Rocks wide, where all in-house facilities give a wonderful experience, tourists cherish their memories long after they come back to their normal life.

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