Learn six test driving techniques that can help you shop for second hand car amicably

Most second hand car buyers know that a test-driving is important in getting the most ideal value in used cars for sale St Cloud MN has today.  However, few understand how to conduct a test that will help them discern the good cars from the mediocre. Most second hand car shoppers just drive the car a bit and then listen to the sound system. If you use the following test –driving method you are likely to be in a better position to locate the best used car.

Used cars for sale St Cloud MN

Set a benchmark

You must set your own benchmark. Know in advance the vehicle or type of vehicle you want. There is no problem if you are torn between a spot coupe and a SUV. Start your test drive by testing used cars for sale St Cloud MNhas to offer you.  By riding different cars, you will gain the type of perspective that can help you evaluate handling dynamics and ride more accurately.

Conduct a pre-test inspection

Before you conduct each test, you need to make sure that the vehicle under test is in a good shape.  Check if the transmission fluid levels, coolant, oil and tire pressure are proper. You also need to conduct a pre-test inspection.  Open the hood, to see if you experience an overpowering odor, which is an indication of a problem.  You also need to check for any poor maintenance signs. Pull the transmission dipsticks and oil and check for low levels and dirty fluids.

Take notes

Construct a chart, which includes the major areas of the second hand car; bodywork, brakes, sound system, seat comfort, interior wear, maintenance, tires, steering feel, noise and ride.  Grade each part from A to G. For the items not explained by the grades, make some notes. These notes can help you understand what each car has, and also help you when comparing differentBest Used Cars under 10000 in MN.

Take your time

Professional drivers might drive for more than ten miles to assess one criterion. In case you are serious about buying particular Second hand cars in MN, don’t let the seller pressure you into taking short drive-tests.  If you really need the car, you can offer the seller some more money to allow you to prolong the test.

Be consistent

Despite the current advancement in technology, the best second hand test device is the ears of a well trained driver. You are therefore the best test instrument for the used cars for sale in MN you plan to buy. Sharpen your skills by using a rental car or your current one.  If possible practice on the same road, and use the same speed. See Eich VW

Turn off the radio

Not unless you want to test the sound system, switch off the radio. Also, turn off the heater van or the air conditioner, and close the windows.  This will help you hear unusual noises. Though this may be an uphill task, try to distinguish normal noises from the one caused by car problems, tires and wind.  If you notice a disconcerting noise, attempt to separate it by switching pavement or changing speed.

The above are tips to help you buy the right second hand car. Conducting the right tests before buying used cars for sale St Cloud MN has today can help you avoid investing in the wrong cars. It can also prevent you from falling prey to dishonest sellers. Check at http://www.eichvw.com/UsedCarsForSaleStCloudMN

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