Qualities to Expect in a Qualified Atlanta Roof Repair Contractor

The roof is an important investment within a home. Besides offering you protection, the roof adds aesthetic value to the house. Having a roof that is constantly undergoing repairs can be stressful and costly. The importance of getting a qualified and trusted roof contractor cannot be underestimated. Atlanta roof repair contractors are many. Choosing the right one can be confusing. When hiring a roof contractor, you need to be sure of their ability to solve all your roofing needs. The following are qualities you should expect from a qualified Atlanta roof repair contractor:

Roof Repair

Roof Repair

The contractor’s personal details

Place of business

A trustworthy roof contractor should have a permanent office. For instance, an Acworth roof repair contractor should have an office in Acworth. Make sure you ask for the office physical address, office working hours and operational phone numbers. A business license will also tell you if the business is active. Request for this information if not provided in the written proposal.


A professional roof repair contractor should keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry. The best way to do this is through affiliations with other professionals. Ask if the roof contractor belongs to any national, regional or local association. Do you live in Marietta? Roof repair Marietta experts have professional associations. Find out if your contractor is affiliated any of them. How often do they attend seminars and conferences related to the industry?

Insurance certification

A qualified roof contractor is concerned about the well being of his workers. Find out if the contractor has an insurance certification showing both liability and workers compensation insurance. Do not forget that if a worker endures an injury while working in your home, you will be liable for all hospital bills if he is not insured.


A reliable roof contractor should be willing to provide evidence of past projects. Ask for phone numbers of clients whose projects were similar to yours. When you call them, ask if the contractor completed the job satisfactorily. Do not consider a contractor who is reluctant in providing references.


How long has the contractor been in business? Atlanta roof repair services are diverse. An experienced roof contractor has most likely dealt with a similar project as yours. He can guarantee quality services.

Plan for the job

The proposal

A qualified roof contractor should provide you with a detailed written proposal. It should clearly define the work to be done and the crew to complete it. It should also explain the terms of payment and the total cost. Ensure that the proposal indicates the proposed start and completion dates and also warranty.

Changes in the contract

If any changes occur, how will they be treated? A trusted contractor should be open to discuss price matters when changes occur. Such changes can come about if unforeseen conditions come up or if some work is subcontracted.

Building permit

Your contractor should obtain a building permit from the local governing agency. For instance, if you hire an Acworth roofing contractor, he should obtain a permit from the Acworth’s building department. The contractor should call the agency for final inspection.

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