Reasons Why You Need to Eradicate Kudzu in Your Land

A common shrub in Atlanta, Kudzu is one the major threats to trees and patches of land. The plant is extremely dangerous if left uncontrolled. Therefore, as a landowner in Atlanta, it is time to invest in the services that kudzu removal Woodstock GA experts provide.

Damages caused

Without proper control delivered by kudzu removal Woodstock GAprofessionals, the evasive plant can grow very fast to unmanageable levels that result in the following damages:

  • It displaces native grasses and shrubs, leading to an unsightly domination of its vines and brambles. This in turn affects growth of flowers and other ornamental plants in your garden.
  • It makes a property inaccessible, rendering it inappropriate for recreational activities and other uses. This can further affect the economy of a community.
  • It kills existing trees and forest cover, leading to environmental degradation.
  • The plant competes with young tree seedlings for food and growth.

In light of the above downsides of the plant, it safe to look for means to eradicate the kudzu plant as soon as it appears on your piece of land. If, as a landowner, you choose to neglect control of the plant, it spreads very quickly and affects adjacent forest areas, pastures, and fields that are utilized for other purposes.

When kudzu affects big patches of land, it can be quite expensive to control. As the patch grows, the cost of containing it also grows in equal measure. It is therefore important to involve a registered company for kudzu clean up as soon as it rears its first vine. Such services are delivered by reputable companies for professional tree service in Kennesaw Georgia.

In fact, experts say that the plant grows at an alarming rate of sixty feet in just one year. While conventional methods of treatment exist, they may be too expensive for many people to afford. The most reliable way to control kudzu plants in your patch of land is to involve the best local tree service Marietta Georgia experts provide.

Benefits of controlling kudzu

If you engage tree service experts as early as possible, they can handle the problem at a much lower cost than if the plant spreads to a big patch of land. As noted earlier, the effects of kudzu infestation are multi-pronged, leading to loss of beauty and integrity for the affected land.

It is therefore beneficial to control kudzu as early as possible. For smaller patches of land that are affected, various methods including manual, mechanical, and chemical are used for kudzu control. However, it is still necessary to work with a professional tree care service provider to develop a tree care strategy for your patch.

Besides, the experts can also launch a control match for patches that are not yet affected. In open patches of land without tree cover, experts suggest herbicide application. A special herbicide is applied on the leaves between May and October. Since such herbicides are Restricted Use Products, it is advisable to involve an expert in its application.

For additional information on what the kudzu removal Woodstock GA community has to offer, visit or check out more about SCS Tree Service here.

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