Simple Guide to Buying Heavy Duty Trucks for Your Business

In the trucking business where the operations are wholly dependent on the vehicles in your fleet, the type of vehicle that you choose will directly impact your business. It will impact your productivity as well as your profitability. Good choice means good business. It means you make more profits, get increased productivity, meet client expectations, get a competitive advantage and better safety records for your fleet. It is always advisable to buy your heavy duty trucks from a Japanese truck manufacturer such as UD Trucks which offer you superior technology and better performance in your business.

There are certain important features that you need to look at when you are buying Japanese trucks for sale.

Look at the vehicle layout as well as the operating environment

This is the most important consideration when you are planning to purchase a heavy duty truck. Clearly define what you will be specifically using the truck for as this will directly determine the type of truck that you will purchase. Determine the load space that you will need as well the as the specific conditions under which you will be operating the heavy duty truck that you are planning to purchase from the Japanese truck manufacturer. In some cases, there are legal as well as operational constraints that you have to grapple with when it comes to the use of the heavy duty truck.

There are certain requirements that you also need to look at when it comes to selecting the new heavy duty trucks for sale. Some of these will affect the configurations of your heavy duty trucks and include factors such as the types of the suspensions, number of axles and deck length of the truck. Look at the road user rates that will apply based on these truck configurations which are available.  There are other constraints that you are likely to grapple with when operating the heavy duty trucks and which you must put into consideration when you are planning the purchases. These include:

  • The static threshold rollover limits for the trucks
  • The Dimensions and Mass Rules that apply for the land transport vehicles

Look at the truck performance

Performance is also a significant consideration. You need a truck that will offer you good reliability and performance and help you meet customer expectations with relative ease. Here, you will mainly be looking at the various vehicle components as well as the engineering used in the vehicles. If you are buying your trucks from a reliable and reputable Japanese truck manufacturer such as UD trucks, you can always look forward to incredible truck performance.

The most basic requirement is that your truck has sufficient power that will enable it to handle the workload with the least amount of fuel. Important performance features that you need to look at include:

  • The engine power
  • The wheels and the tires
  • The truck differential ratios
  • Torque
  • Transmission
  • Braking technology: It is important to invest in newer technologies such as the ABS or anti-lock braking systems.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is quite important when you are shopping for the Japanese trucks for sale. With the UD Trucks from the Japanese truck manufacturer, you can look forward to industry leading fuel efficiencies thanks to the SCR technology used in the entire range of UD trucks. It is important to note that an average of 11% of your operating costs will be fuel costs. So it is important to keep an eye on the fuel efficiency.

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