Top Reasons to Garden Vertically

Wherever you live, you can take advantage of the innovative opportunity offered by the vertical garden systems. These have grown in increasing popularity in the urban areas in the recent years as more families look for green living options and ways to optimize the little spaces in their backyards.

Vertical garden

Vertical garden

When you have limited space options and want to utilise your micro-gardens in your backyard to grow plenty of food and decorative plants, then the advantages of the gardens will become more apparent. They are the clear winners where space and time considerations are concerned and will outperform any other gardening systems under similar conditions by a mile.

With the proliferation of very clever design ideas for the vertical wall gardening systems, what you can add in that little micro-space in your backyard is now limited only by your imagination. There are many reasons why you should seriously consider this highly innovative urban gardening trend. Here are some of them:

Maximise on Limited Space: This is the most obvious advantage of the vertical gardens. Whatever little space you have, there is always a space available for a vertical wall garden. You can fit in these in the tiniest of areas to maximise on your productivity and spaces. You can even have a balcony garden or apartment balcony garden if you are living in the top story of your apartment.

Create an Outdoor Garden Room: There are vertical wall garden systems that let you literally create additional garden rooms. There are several techniques that you can use to realise these such as the use of arches, arbors and gazebos. You can build the cool ambience of an outdoor garden that creates a little mystery in your backyard. The gardens can also add some depth as well as height to your little outdoor spaces.

Grow Your Privacy Screen: Through careful choice of vertical structures and plants, you can use your gardens to disguise some unwanted views of your home and create some little green screens of privacy.  The gardens can also be used to block off some nosy neighbors poking their noses into your private home.

Add accessibility to your gardening: Plants in the vertical wall gardens are easier to reach and do not require much labor. You can easily add fertilizers, water them or prune them. In some innovative vertical gardening systems such as the hydroponics, some of these steps will not even be necessary as the system is self-watering and adequately applied with nutrients.

You are able to nurture healthier plants: It will be possible to nurture healthier plants in your vertical gardening system than in other gardening forms thus guaranteeing top produce.  There is also less damage attributed to pests and weeds as the plants are off the ground and hence less in contact with the elements causing these.

Greater visual appeal: The vertical gardens will enhance the visual appeal of your home. They add a unique aesthetic quality to your home. You will be able to give your home some personality, character, colour, variety and impose your own style and taste in the outdoor of the home.

Grow more plants: The vertical gardens open up more spaces that will help you grow more plants than would otherwise be possible in your little backyard space. You can force plants that typically occupy too much space to grow vertically on a trellis and save on space.

Create a Micro-Climate: Create a micro-climate by building a living natural shield that helps in regulating temperatures and providing a cooling effect. The vertical garden walls will also improve the air quality around your home. Browse for more details.

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